SyysGraph 2013 Thursday, November 14 2:00pm - 5:00pm

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Every year we take a look at what's new & hot in the Finnish computer graphics and interaction scene. SyysGraph 2013 (our 15th event!) is your chance to hear about the latest research and mingle with other people in the industry & academia!

The seminar will bring the latest updates of the 3D graphics field, demos, animations and new interactive technologies. The presentations are held in English.

This year's SyysGraph is organized in collaboration with the Slush 2013 event (the largest start-up event in the Northern Europe).

The event is held at Adams-Sali at Erottajankatu 15-17.

There's only one way to get tickets - there's no ticket sales at the door, and seating is limited!

If you have a valid Slush pass, you can get a SyysGraph ticket for free (just pick the Slush Pass option). Note that you MUST register on EventBrite (you can't just waltz in!)

Otherwise, you'll have to buy a separate ticket (€10 for students, €20 for everyone else).

This year's program is divided into two sessions: the first session is targeted for a more general audience and has 10-minute presentations. The second session is much more hardcore with 15-minute presentations on state-of-the-art research.

The presentations start at 2pm and are over by 5pm. Beer & general mayhem (read: koodiälmytys) will follow.

This year's line-up includes:


Ilkka Koho (NVIDIA)
Desktop graphics in your pocket

Kalle Hämäläinen (Mountain Sheep)
Three requirements: Beautiful, 60fps and mobile

Sulka Haro (Makie Lab)
3D Printing

Janne Räsänen (FourKilo)

Remi Pedersen (Outracks Technologies)
It's 2013, real-time graphics should be easier, dammit!

Otso Mäkinen (Umbra)
Real-Time From-Region Visibility

Olli Etuaho
CooPaint & glbrush.js


Saku Lehtinen (Remedy)

Ville Timonen (Åbo Akademi University)
Scalable SSAO algorithms

Miika Aittala (Aalto University)
Surface reflectance capture using everyday equipment

Tero Karras (NVIDIA Research)
Fast Parallel Construction of High-Quality BVHs

Balázs Török (CD Projekt RED)